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The application process requires you to provide personal data about yourself and your child. The data is collected through the application form and by additional documents that we ask you to upload.

The data is required in order to establish the contract, should you choose to enrol your child in the school, to fulfil our legal requirements and to protect the vital interests of your child.

We ask that you read our full data protection and privacy policy before you begin the application process and that you check the box to confirm that you have done so and that you understand how and why we process your data and what your rights are under GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

We keep the data for a full admissions cycle of two years after which it is deleted. *You may, of course, request a full deletion of your personal data at any time should you decide to cancel the application.*

Please direct any questions that you have about data protection and privacy to our Data Protection Officer (DPO), by e-mail at or by post to ISP DPO 6 rue Beethoven 75016 Paris.